Great review from our clients

Justin Sharer and Sharer Design Group created a beautiful kitchen for us that we are ecstatic about and so grateful. Thank you for a great beginning, middle and end!  We look forward to doing business with you again, Justin.  And for anyone looking for a solid referral about Sharer Design Group, here is our story:

We had the typical Canton, Michigan kitchen that was the boiler-plate Pulte subdivision home from the early 1990s: everything was oak, oak, oak, even the counter trim.  We were done with oak, so done with it.

It was easy to know what we no longer liked but not so easy to articulate what we wanted instead. After being inundated with HGTV, Pinterest and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the possibilities available were endless but oh so overwhelming! We needed someone who would sit down and first spend time getting to know more about us and OUR tastes;  not someone telling us what we should like.  Fortunately, Justin spared us the “latest and greatest” approach;  his beautiful showroom already tells that story.

Remodeling a kitchen is not just a financial decision, it is an emotional one and we were definitely in need of design guidance.  However, we expected our budget to be respected and we did not want to have to decipher up-selling tactics. We were looking for fresh ideas that were still balanced with an old school work ethic and quality. We wanted a real conversation about expectations, expectations that existed on BOTH sides of the table.

Quite the criteria for a kitchen remodel wish list? Definitely.

Did we find someone who met the criteria? Absolutely.

Choosing to hire Justin and Sharer Design Group was the best decision on all fronts.  We are keenly aware that it is not easy working with clients who are somewhat uncertain at the beginning of any undertaking, and, many of us are, initially.  It can be overwhelming for both parties with the unending questions mixed in with small doses of client indecision.  Justin met the challenge of breaking down each phase ahead of time so we always knew what to expect. His background of learning the business from the ground up meant he had already worn many hats along the way and that translated into having invaluable insight.  Justin’s experience makes it possible to anticipate hiccups before they happen, so they DON’T happen.  He is the  perfect person to walk clients through from start to finish. And the best part? He calls when he says he is going to call, he shows up when he says he is going to show up, and he sends the email/info when he says he is going to send it.  Justin goes to great lengths to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the project.  He is personally invested not only because his name is on the building, but because he knows you cannot build a reputation on what you were “going to do.”   He is adamant about doing business with honesty, dependability and integrity. Yes, we know that is how it is SUPPOSE to be, but unfortunately, we all know that is NOT how it always is; so when you find it, you are compelled to write a letter about how amazed you are at your own good fortune.

Justin was hands-on throughout the project, stopping by several times a week and always available to the client.  The relationship is not something that starts and ends in the showroom.  Justin is blessed with extremely skilled professionals on his team, and we are convinced we were given the most amazing of craftsmen, Don, who did our kitchen!   Don’s work was precision at its finest and impeccable.  (Props to Don’s assistant, Bruce as well). Don and Bruce ALWAYS arrived on time, remained focused, never wasted time, stayed on schedule, NEVER cut corners, left nothing dirty or askew because they cleaned up daily, and then, the finished product? Phenomenal.  Why are we so surprised at quality work? It should be the norm, right? The answer to that, unfortunately, is that pride in workmanship is a lost core value these days.  That is why we were thrilled to see how much pride was put into every phase of the project.  It is obvious that Justin has purposely surrounded himself with a team that shares his work ethic, his high standards and his zero tolerance for mediocrity.

Justin also provides an in-house designer, Bethann, who plugs in when it comes to the client deciding on colors and style and important details. Let’s be honest here, that is the one area that is the hardest to nail down with 100% certainty.  While a lot of hand holding and patience may be required, it also takes someone with vision and talent to pull it all together on behalf of the client.  Our kitchen is clearly the nicest room in our house and there is no way we could have thought of the design and small details ourselves.

We found Sharer Design Group by accident, on a walk through downtown Plymouth one afternoon. We wondered why we never noticed this quietly elegant showroom tucked away in its discreet location.  Why wouldn’t there be more fanfare to make it noticeable? Now we know why. Justin does not need to advertise with flashy signs or at a booth set up at a builder show. Nope. Not necessary. Word of mouth. Finished work speaks for itself. And right now, our kitchen is talking up a storm.

Dave and Marlene – Canton, Michigan